Name of the research project/ endowment Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigatorYear of AwardAmount SanctionedDuration of the projectName of the Funding Agency
Evaluation of R-Meha ayurvedic powder for anti-diabetic effect in STZ induced diabetes in rats.Mrs. Nagalakshmi N C
Ms. Rema Rachal
2022-23150003 monthsRGUHS
Formulation, evaluation and in-vitro anti inflammatory activity of herbal suspensionMrs. Mamatha M K
Ms. Vijayalakshmi
2022-23150003 monthsRGUHS
Formulation of nanosuspension based nebulization from the combination of Tylophora india and adhatodavasica extract for the treatment of steroid resistant asthama. Mr.Keerthy HS
Ms. Monika L
2022-23150003 monthsRGUHS
Formulation and evaluation of polyherbal extract tablet for its antidiabetic activityDr.Ashvini H M
Mr. Karthik Mohan Das
2022-2315000 3 monthsRGUHS
Evaluation of shankhpushpi and brahmi extract on alcohol withdrwal syndrome and also comparing its effect with Diazepam in Swiss Albino Mice.Mrs. UshaVerma
Ms. Priya T K
2021-22120003 monthsRGUHS
In-vitro hepatoprotective potential of ethanolic extract of Hibiscus rosasinensisMrs. Mamatha MK
Ms. Supreetha A
2021-22150003 monthsRGUHS
Formulation, evaluation and in-vitro antiinflammatory activity of herbal suspensionMrs.Suma US
Ms. Shreya Udupa
2021-2215000 3 monthsRGUHS
Preparation and characteriztion of FicusLacor metallic nanoparticles based nanogel for wound healing activityDr. Ashvini H M
Mr. Chaitanya K J
2021-22150003 monthsRGUHS
Docking and synthesis of indomethacin analogues and its evaluation for anti-inflamatory activityMrs. Vibha ChandanPatil2019-203600002 YearsRGUHS
Evaluation of Antidiabetic potential of leaf and flower of JasminuGrandiFlorumDr. Shivakumar Swamy2016-178000002 YearsRGUHS